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Re-engage with Exercise Post-Baby & Join the CARiFiT Community 







Reengage with Exercise Post-Baby & Join the CARiFiT Community



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When you sign up to become a CARiFiTer, you’ll be joining thousands of new parents who have the opportunity to join one of many livestream sessions, or dip in and out of pre-recorded workouts at a time to suit them.

Supporting you every step of the way, we’re here to help encourage:

Stronger Minds. Healthier Bodies. Happier Babies.

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A progressive program that builds over time and is proven to get results whatever your starting point and exercise experience.

Access to a team of experts from medical, physio and mental health meaning all areas of your postnatal journey are supported by expert advice and insight.

The CARiFiT Kitchen. Instant access to over 150 quick, delicious and easy to make recipes designed to fuel your postnatal body and turbo charge your results.

Physio led core and diastasis recti specific support and modules to help you understand and strengthen your postnatal body and core appropriately.

Live stream workouts with the CARiFiT team every week. Get instant support, question and answer sessions and real live workouts to enjoy.

Specific advice and modules for all birth types. Including scar massage, and virtual GP and Physio clinics where all those common concerns are addressed.

Get instant access to 12 specific postnatal programs designed to meet all your training goals from Adaption to weight loss to return to running.

Whatever you goal from postpartum weight loss to a safe return to running or high impact workouts CARiFiT is proven too support your goals.

Be part of an incredible community of new mums all around the world and make new friends that are all supporting each other.

At CARiFiT we don't wait for a naptime to workout. We workout and create a naptime.


Less Interruptions = More Completed Workouts = Better Results

Sound good? Discover what some of our current CARiFiT crew have to say

Thank goodness for CARiFiT. We have been up since 4 am and nothing else has calmed her down, the teething pain is real- one workout later we have a sleeping baby!
- Ellie

15 weeks of CARiFiT. I ́m 23 lbs lighter and overall 17.5 inches smaller. I actually started CARiFiT online not knowing how epic it really is!
- Kate

I really enjoyed this workout-amazing to see how much I have improved! To quote my hubbie “CARiFiT online membership has been your best buy” 
- Rachel

15 week of CARiFiT. I could feel myself getting stronger. I dropped back down to my prebaby weight. I appeared visibly toned. I felt fit.
- Claire

CARiFiT online has been my saviour on those days when I just haven't felt like it! Thank you CARiFiT. M4W4 going strong!
- Victoria

Apple watch tells me I burned 230 cals & I managed to move from my baked bean tins to my dumbbells for the first time. CARiFiT whole body burn!
- Naomi

This is why I love CARiFiT so much, you can provide comfort to your baby whilst doing something for yourself! Multi-tasking Mama.
- Lauren

At this stage with my first baby I was struggling with PND. Badly. This time round I'm happier, more energetic and more able to manage.
- Alice

Dr Morgan Edwards

CARiFiT online is a wonderful tool not only to transform your porstpartum fitness but also your mental health.

Dr Kat Oliver

CARiFiT workouts are uniquely functional. They get new mums strong in all the right places at a time they need it most!

Dr Rebecca Gallagher

CARiFiT online offers so much more for new mum wellbeing than just a workout. It creates a space to connect, bond and thrive at this precious time.

Fun, mood-boosting, energising...
Discover a postnatal workout unlike any other

Why are babywearing workouts beneficial to my overall fitness?

CARiFiT stands for cardio and resistance interval fitness, with our game-changing babywearing workout offering a proven, medically-supported way to exercise while ensuring your baby is always close enough to kiss and cuddle.

There’s no need to worry about childcare either. Instead, get full access to on-demand and livestream workouts you’ll both love. Designed to work with you, your baby and your schedule, CARiFiT workouts ensure you get the tailored postpartum care, from a range of experts, that you deserve.


We support members around the world; check our membership FAQs HERE to discover why CARiFiT is a global hit.

The Complete CARiFiTer

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Start today and feel the difference before you pay anything!

  • No card details - nothing accept a willingness to join our community and give it a real go.
  • Instant access to every CARiFiT training course within our game-changing health and wellness programme
  • CARiFiT livestream classes, alongside a bursting back catalogue of pre-recorded sessions which complement you and your schedule
  • Access to the full team of CARiFiT experts; discover everything from information on tummy gaps, to scar massage tips and core and pelvic floor modules
  • Mouth-wateringly delicious postnatal nutrition guides, to help fuel your body during the postpartum period – and beyond
  • MASSIVE 30 day free trial to really start to feel the benefits of Carifit.
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*our system tracks completed workouts - complete 10 workouts and decide you don't like CARiFiT and you can email [email protected] and claim a full refund.
10 workouts must be completed within 10 weeks of the start date of your membership to qualify.

Rethink and reengage with exercise.

Enjoy instant access to hundreds of workouts.

Boost your wellbeing.

Join a friendly community of new parents

Transform your fitness.

Heal and strengthen your core.

Begin with instant access to everything.

With easy to follow, on demand realtime workouts led by true experts. Take your postnatal journey one manageable step at a time and feel the incredible results.