A fun-filled day of support, community and free classes designed for new mums.

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10am - Postnatal physiotherapy check-in with Lucy Allen, pelvic health Physiotherapist

“Is this normal after giving birth?”, “I’m embarrassed to talk to my friends about my bladder weakness”, “Does diastasis recti get better on its own?”. These are just some of the frequent questions Lucy gets asked regularly. Birth can have many effects on the body and it can be hard to know what’s normal and what’s not! Lucy is on hand to provide support and advice to those often- asked questions and will offer a safe forum to tackle those pelvic health queries that are often not easily answered by GP’s and health visitors.

10.30am - Emma Jeffery CARiFiT Core live class

Emma is one of the CARiFiT core master trainers and her weekly classes have helped so many of our mums to understand the importance between breath and core engagement to help them properly re-engage those postnatal muscle groups. This class will help you move through targeted core focused exercises to really create a strong core engagement that will ultimately help you to strengthen weakened lower back and pelvic floor muscles. Make sure to have a mat for this class.

11am - Funny Money with Rhiannon Llewellyn from The Money Masterclass

Rhiannon is a mum of two boys (almost), professional opera singer, early years music teacher and qualified Financial Coach!?! She’ll talk you through building a brilliant financial future for yourself and your kids, understanding some of the FASCINATING psychology around Money and how to create great money habits early on in life. Get ready for some jargon busting and some ridiculous ‘rhian-ecdotes’ about Rhiannon’s past failings and successes - from ‘cash point chicken’ to ‘bank error in your favour’!

Rhiannon (budget zero to budget hero) tells the story of how she went from £30,000 in debt to now helping others figure out how to budget and start building wealth and creating a life in line with your family’s values, using MONEY as a useful tool.

12pm - Charlotte Stirling-Reed weaning Q&A

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is the award-winning baby & child nutritionist and the author of "How to wean your baby". Charlotte will be sharing her top tips for successful weaning to ease you and your baby into the next stage of their nutritional journey. The session will conclude with a brief Q&A to answer those all-important weaning questions that you might have.

1pm - Monkey Music

Monkey Music’s award winning, interactive age specific music classes for babies and toddlers support your child as they learn new skills in a magical, musical environment.  Trusted by parents since 1992, there are four stages of classes, tailored specifically to the needs of babies, toddlers and pre-school children. 

Join us with your little one for a fun, interactive online Monkey Music session as we share precious time together with you from the comfort of your own home.  If you have any musical instruments at home and/or something to shake and tap, it would be great to have those ready so you can join in during the session.

1.30pm - Ettie Betty Baby Signs- learn baby sign

Charly from Ettie Betty Baby Signs will show you how you can learn to communicate with your baby before they can talk. As well as teaching some fantastic ways to continue helping your little ones to develop their language if you've already had those magical first few words or have little chatterboxes already. You'll learn through songs and stories and you won't believe how much sign language you'll come away knowing!

2pm- Maternal mental health check-in with Dr Lucy Gore, clinical Psychologist

Being a mother presents a unique set of challenges and it is often difficult to find time as a mum to focus on and prioritise your own needs. Throw a global pandemic into the mix and suddenly this is harder still. A mum of two, Dr Lucy has a specialist interest in supporting the wellbeing of new parents and will be hosting a dedicated mental health Q&A. This is a good opportunity to reflect on what we can do to make time to support and promote our own mental health and wellbeing within the busy life as a new parent. This session is a dedicated Q and A to reflect on some of the challenges of parenthood and how these impact our mental health and wellbeing whilst providing an opportunity to learn more about the steps we can take as a parent to look after ourselves.

2.30pm - Babywearing "fit check" plus Q&A with babywearing consultant Hannah Wallace.

Join Hannah and CARiFiT Founder Vern for a live babywearing "fit check" and Q&A. Get simple hacks and tips to make you both more comfortable and your babywearing more fun. This will be an interactive session so if you want your carrier positioning checked enable that camera and wear your baby!